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Ethan Alexander

Innovative up and coming storyteller


When a college dropout comes across a high-tech super-suit, his life changes forever as next-level adventure ensues.

The Heart of Hartford

With a brilliant mind and an air of mystery, Arabella Dalton seeks to set the world ablaze with her ideas and thirst for justice in the Gilded Age.

The Knight Prince

Darren Colress is heir to the Sentrian kingdom, but he’ll need to team up with a magical relic boy if he hopes to save his land from ruin.

Reality is not the same as truth.

That is why fiction captivates us so.

A graduate from Wilmington University, Ethan Alexander’s interests range from quaint historical dramas of a bygone century to strange sci-fi adventures in the deep reaches of outer space. As long as there’s a good story, he’s invested. In his professional career, he’s been a commercial scriptwriter for various companies and he’s currently writing freelance for pop culture and news websites. 

His eBook “Sentria: The Knight Prince” won first place in the Hip Generation Awards for fantasy and his sci-fi short story “Rogue” was featured in the sci-fi magazine JAMM. In his work, his objective is to always elevate the material with stories that include representation and high-quality narratives.

About Us

Ethan Alexander is a freelance writer and available for scriptwriting services. Feel free to e-mail for professional inquiries.